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Arc’s second volume: Exit strategies

Arc’s second volume, available from January 2014, starts with an issue devoted to Exit strategies.

We’re running out of planet and we’re running out of patience. The party’s over and we’re looking for the door.

But the exits are unmarked. The engines of the world are hidden from us. Ninety-six per cent of the universe is missing and the rest is stirred into motion by machinery that hides in plain sight.

We’ve got to get out of this place - but how?

Embracing everything from politics to polymorphism, physics and fantasy, Exit strategies is your indispensable, (sometimes unreliable) guide to the escape tunnel.

With a foreword by CERN physicist Michael Doser, and featuring stories by Jeff Noon, Kathleen Ann Goonan, and the best-selling fantasy writer Tad Williams, Exit strategies looks for a back door to the universe. How much of the cosmos is real, how much an astronomer’s dream? And if we could escape from reality, what kind of utopia would we build for ourselves?

Elsewhere in the issue, M. John Harrison meets a rising star of TV science, Hannu Rajaniemi considers what will happen when our books start reading us, and Claire Dean meets the artists bent on making J G Ballard’s Crystal World a reality.

And in a special tribute, Adam Roberts considers the life, work and sheer sanity of the late, great Iain Banks.

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