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EDITORIAL:   Escaping reality
FORWARD:   Abiding mysteries (+) Michael Doser
  Stars have been staring humanity in the face for ever.
SCANNING:   From big bang to heat death (+) Simon Barraclough
  Fourteen micro-poems tell the story of the universe.
PRIOR ART:   The measure of dreams (+) Stuart Clark
  For a science based on observation, it is remarkable how often astronomy has invented invisible things to get itself out of trouble.
SHORT STORY:   Vapours (+) Jeff Noon
  "Another victim. A young man."
INNER SPACE:   Saturation point (+) Claire Dean
  "When I approached the White Building there were two helicopters circling overhead."
SHORT STORY:   Sport (+) Kathleen Ann Goonan
  "Lucy clings to dream through rough shaking, but then it is a brilliant scarf whisked in shreds to grainy awakening."
PRESENT TENSE:   The sanity of Iain M. Banks (+) Adam Roberts
  Any death diminishes us all, but the death of a science fiction writer has a unique poignancy all of its own.
SHORT STORY:   The lost emotion (+) Adrian Ellis
  ""Somebody, anybody, help me. Please, pick up this message and get me out of this stinking hippy dump!"
MEDIA:   On crows, roads and the future of books (+) Hannu Rajaniemi
  "When I returned to it, nearly fifteen years later, I found a different book."
ENTERTAINMENT:   Changing our world (+) M. John Harrison
  In the Var delta they don't complain of cramp, they say, 'The dead woman is pulling on my foot.'
SHORT STORY:   The narrow road (+) Tad Williams
  "Across a dark sea
the distant cries of wild ducks
and faintly, traces of white"

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