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Forever alone drone

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EDITORIAL:   Only connect
FORWARD:   Showtime (+) Jon Turney
  The prediction business: the greatest show on earth?
SHORT STORY:   Exchange (+) Robert Reed
  Tiny, important things happen to Gina all the time. With them, she will save the world
PRIOR ART:   #foreveralonedrone (+) Sumit Paul-Choudhury
  Humankind will probably survive the rise of the drones. Human nature might not.
SHORT STORY:   Good to go (+) Liz Jensen
  "I hate this guy. Met him at death’s door fifty times too often. Always his own fault"
PRESENT TENSE:   Beyond the city limits (+) Frank Swain
  Public space is shrinking: isn’t it time we walked on the wild side?
SHORT STORY:   We can do this (+) Nancy Kress
  What Ethan needs is polygamy. Sadly, he isn’t going to get it
INNER SPACE:   Escape from LA (+) Madeline Ashby
  Losing your wallet is a lot like time travel - only much scarier
SHORT STORY:   A robot walks into a bar and says… (+) Romie Stott
  "It’s simpler to treat me like everyone else than make new rules, don’t you think?"
UNRELIABLE NARRATOR:   Shedding skins (+) Kim Stanley Robinson
  Meet ultralite: a technology so advanced, it’s barely there at all
GALLERY:   City/State (+) Simon Ings
  In a gallery in the Netherlands, an organic city is coming to life
SHORT STORY:   My pretty Alluvian bride (+) Bruce Sterling
  "Money was legal for tourists. Other folk made their way in life by gesturing at the air"
UNEVENLY DISTRIBUTED:  Brave new fortress (+) Smári McCarthy
  Can Iceland hack its way to freedom?
SHORT STORY:   The man who saved the twentieth century (+) Jack Womack
  Four hours to clear half a wall. He is never told where the supervisors hide the cameras

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