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Afterparty Overdrive

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EDITORIAL: The party’s over Simon Ings & Sumit Paul-Choudhury
FORWARD: From insight to naches (+) Samuel Arbesman
  How clever must our machines get, before we take pride in them?
SHORT STORY: Choosing faces (+) Lavie Tidhar
  You are no longer a beautiful or unique snowflake
INNER SPACE: Dancing on the ruins (+) Simon Ings
  Strumming a lyre over the future’s burning remains
SHORT STORY: Limited edition (+) Tim Maughan
  Theft, threatening behaviour, criminal damage? There’s an app for that
PRESENT TENSE: The singularity can be stopped (+) Justin Pickard
  Machines are poised to make us all redundant - but only if we let them
SHORT STORY: All your futures (+) David Gullen
  They left a dying earth in search of a new home - but their children got there first
PREDICTIVE TEXT: An end to sitting (+) Arc & Paul Graham Raven
  An action hero for the digital age: Neal Stephenson talks to Arc
  Scrapmetal (+) Nan Craig
  They told Nia her patches were future-proof. New technologies - same old lies
TOMORROW PROJECT: With great power Brian David Johnson
  Conversations inspired by Arc’s winning short story
PRIOR ART: Midnight at the singularity disco (+) Sumit Paul-Choudhury
  Music expresses what is best in us - until it leaves us behind
MATERIALS: Fun and games in the garden (+) Christina Agapakis
  Biology is smelly, squishy and gross. Let’s build with it.
ESSAY: The city through spectacles (+) David Binder
  All the world’s a stage, if a new theatrical generation has its way

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