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The future always wins

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EDITORIAL:   Welcome to the future Simon Ings and Sumit Paul-Choudhury
FORWARD:   The object of posterity's scorn [+] Bruce Sterling
SHORT STORY:   A Journey to Amasia [+] Stephen Baxter
UNRELIABLE NARRATOR:   Alien Invasion [+] China MiĆ©ville
SHORT STORY:   Bearlift [+] Margaret Atwood
PRESENT TENSE:   Breaking the fall [+] Paul Graham Raven
SHORT STORY:   In Autotelia [+] M. John Harrison
UNEVENLY DISTRIBUTED:   Sir John Schorne's Devil [+] Simon Ings
PRIOR ART:   What hpapnes fi it atclluy wroks? [+] Sumit Paul-Choudhury
SHORT STORY:   Topsight [+] Hannu Rajaniemi
THE TOMORROW PROJECT:   Making the future [+] Justin Mullins
TEXTS:   Three surprising theories about science fiction [+] Adam Roberts
GAMES:   Three ways to play the future [+] Leigh Alexander
SPACES:   Three sorties on dreamland [+] Simon Pummell
SHORT STORY:   The water thief [+] Alastair Reynolds

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